Look at Architecture differently

For this set, I wanted to try to look at things differently when it comes to architecture whether that was inside or outside. Architecture is something that I have always wanted to shoot but really didn’t know where to start because you often see a lot of Architecture photography of these huge skyscrapers. I know a lot of people are near that but for me, the closest city with any skyscrapers is like three hours away. So this caused me to think of Architecture photography a little different. So I went to a building that I thought was interesting and started to shoot it. I wanted to find things that made the building one of a kind. They have this awesome wall with this painting on it so I wanted to make sure I got that. I also love the structure of the building and a lot of the more rustic accents, with these huge stone and metal pillars. The inside of the building also had those rustic features with large wooden beams throughout and a beautiful brick wall. This building had a lot of different elements to it and that was one of my favorite things to shoot about it. So even if you don’t come from a big city with skyscrapers you’re always able to find charm in your towns.

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