How to get awesome food photography

A key to food photography is finding things that complement the food. I think a good example of that is the photo with the bagels, in these photos, we have the main subject and but the cloth really compliments the bagels, even the wooden floor,  adds to the style of the photo. Another great example is the photo with the waffles and the strawberries. For this photo, I had someone poor syrup on the stack of waffles I also I had a fast shutter speed to freeze the motion of the syrup. In the photo of the salsa, I wanted the main focus to be on the salsa but I wanted to have some drinks in the background so you could tell this salsa is spicey. I really like shooting food photography it causes you to think outside of the box, to make food more interesting and more appetizing. Jordan Wood Salsa Food Photography

Jordan Wood Entree Bagels

Jordan Wood Dessert food photography

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