New photo book get stoked!

I am a photographer and a huge nerd, that’s what inspired this book. I am a fan of collectibles. For this book I wanted to think of product photography in a different way specifically these collectibles. I remember watching TV and seeing the commercials with the kids playing with toys and thinking that toy was the best thing ever. I wanted to reignite those feelings, I wanted to create dynamic scenes to inspire imagination, I wanted to remind customers why they love these characters and why they are willing to pay so much for some of these. I was able to learn a lot throughout this process, there were two things I really wanted to learn, I wanted to get better at lighting subjects and I feel that being able to take these photos I was able to learn lighting on a smaller scale. I also wanted to get better at photoshop I had the chance to dive in a little bit more. Over all this was a great experience and I learned so much.


Jordan Wood Book Mock up