Using Smoke bombs, speed lights, and slow shutter speed, but not in the same picture though.

Smoke bomb

I have always wanted to use a smoke bomb in a photo. I was really excited to shoot these photos a big tip I would have to give is beware of the wind. For this photo, because of the wind, I actually composited two photos together to get all the smoke I wanted. It turned out how I wanted it to. I love how the smoke turned out I love how it is enveloping the subject.

Jordan wood Smoke bombs


I wanted to create an image that looked super thirst quenching and creating a want to get these drinks. We used three speed lights to light and to freeze the water in motion. I really liked the way this turned out I think it adds an awesome effect.  I feel like with using the lights it accomplished exactly what I was going for.

Jordan Wood Speed lights


I love this photo, it’s so cool how it turned out with the stream of sugar coming down on to the fruit making it looked so appetizing. I think this such a cool way to get an effect that can make your images stand out from the rest. What you want to do is to light your subject, in this case, the spoon and the fruit. Then you want to get a funnel and pure sugar through it to get that stream.

Jordan Wood Stream